"Hugely impressed with the professionalism from your 24/7 Security Guards , I'm very reassured that our building is protected with hard working and trusted personnel"

Mark Brown - Atlas Event Management

• Fully trained Fire watch officers
• Professional Fire watch & fire warden services
• Available 24/7

L&A Security Fire Watch Guards

L&A Security has a fast growing team of trained security officers and now added K9 services to our portfolio. We only use NASDU or BIPDT dog handlers with SIA security officers, each with year’s experience. We are specialized in protecting your assets and we are proud that we can provide security to a high standard.

L&A K9 – Security

No matter the type of business you operate, in order to guarantee public and building safety, the hiring of reliable security guards will help to make everything run as smoothly as possible. No matter if you operate a commercial, retail or residential space, the presence of security officers will give everyone the peace of mind in knowing that they’re able to go about their day without worrying about their security and safety.

Security guards

If you’re looking for professional mobile patrol services, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We offer professional round the clock services to meet the individual needs of your event or location. All our staff are highly vetted and expertly trained.

Mobile Patrol

Are you running a public event, with a sizeable crowd, that may require the presence of security staff in order for it to safely and successfully go ahead? Then hiring trained event stewards is an absolute must. Able to manage crowds, offer assistance and generally protect the site, the presence of such staff can offer a reassuring face to the large amounts of attendees, performers and other staff present at your event.

L&A Security Group Stewards

Whether you’re away on business, on holiday or simply can’t be present around your premises for whatever reason for a significant period of time, then taking advantage of our keyholding service offers the perfect way in which to look after the security of your property. As a very-experienced keyholding company, we understand the importance of having a secured premises; this is why we are on call 24/7 to react to any issues that may arise in or around your property.

Key Holding Service

At L&A Security Group, we don’t just design temporary CCTV systems; we implement and support both temporary and permanent CCTV solutions for building and construction sites throughout the Hampshire area. So if you’re interested in a temporary CCTV hire service in Hampshire, please give the friendly and dedicated L&A Security Group team a call on 0203 3882078.


If you own or run a public house, bar, nightclub, restaurant, casino or any other social establishment that requires door security in order to ensure public safety and/or meet local licensing requirements, then the need of reliable, friendly door supervisors is vital.

With issues such as anti-social behaviour causing problems for local venues and the communities in which they’re located, highly skilled SIA-licensed door staff are able to protect the patrons, staff and property alike. By upholding an environment that is safe and secure, this will help to create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone present on the property, further boosting the reputation of the business.

Door Supervisors

K9 Security

From L&A Security Group

L&A Security has a fast growing team of trained security officers and now added K9 services to our portfolio. We only use NASDU or BIPDT dog handlers with SIA security officers, each with year’s experience. We are specialized in protecting your assets and we are proud that we can provide security to a high standard.

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Security Guarding

Quality Orientated & Fully SIA Licensed.

At L&A Security Group, we are an independent security company who strives to place more of a personal touch in the work we undertake. Our service is unique; recognising that many bigger security companies didn’t put their clients first, our services are strictly tailored towards their requirements. No matter the type of event, our professional staff are highly-trained and well motivated to ensure the deliverance of the perfect security solution that our clients need and deserve... Read More

HQ in Hampshire also also offices in London, Birmingham & Manchester, we offer our security services nationwide. Over the years, we’ve assisted a wide array of companies, events and individual groups, building up a wide and varied experience. It’s this knowledge, as well as constant development, that allows us to deliver our client-focused philosophy that is able to meet set requirements, making the environments that we work in safe and secure.

A Service You Can Trust.

One of the major reasons why we concentrate on offering our client-focused service is because the primary aspect of security is trust. With you investing so much time and cost into your premises, you will be striving to make it safe and secure – both when you or other people are present and even during those times when you’re not. You can feel rest assured that you can trust us at L&A Security Group. We strictly abide by industry regulations and certifications and every single member of our staff are highly trained, competent and trustworthy to look after each and every aspect of your security requirements.

Our Security Services.

Having gained many positive testimonials, our excellent reputation in the industry has allowed us to go from strength-to-strength. We are able to provide a wide range of invaluable security services for any type of event imaginable.

The services that we provide include:

  • Door Supervisors. Do you own or run a public house, nightclub, restaurant, casino or any other social establishment that requires security as part of local licensing requirements? Our experienced, highly-skilled and fully-qualified Door Supervisors are able to help to uphold a safe and secure environment for customers and staff alike. With L&A Security Group, your premises will ultimately create that ‘good first impression’ and an atmosphere that will ensure that everyone present will enjoy the best possible experience.
  • Security Guards. In need of a constant security presence? Our professional and proficient security guards are able to use their experience to protect your business, property or asset. No matter your requirements or expectations, our security guards are able to work closely with you, understand your business, even becoming part of the existing team.
  • Mobile Patrol. For some establishments, the presence of constant security isn’t required. This is why we offer a mobile patrol service that can carry out random patrols and searches during specified periods during the day or night. Our experienced Response Officers are able to conduct comprehensive inspections of your premises, ensuring the security of the building, as well as to provide a visible deterrent to any potential trespassers or intruders.
  • Stewarding. If you’re hosting an event that requires stewards to manage crowds, our client-focused service would be perfect to set a memorable and safe experience for your attendees. Being fully aware that our stewards will be ambassadors representing the reputation (as well as safety) of your event, we understand the need for security staff to eloquent, smart and fully informed to handle any questions, situations or incidents that may arise.
  • Key Holding Service. Need to leave your premises unoccupied? This naturally leaves a worry about the security of the building and the contents within it. With our key holding service, you can leave your keys and alarm codes with us and we will look after the security of the building whilst it’s unoccupied. With a fully-manned control room responding to any issues, our security personnel have an excellent working knowledge and understanding of security operations, making for a fast-responsive, expert service.

Experienced, Skilled, Client-Focused Security From L & A Security Group.

Please continue to browse our website for more on our individual services. If you would like further information on any aspect of our security service, why not get in contact with us directly today? We’re more than happy to discuss your individual security requirements – you can give us a call on 0203 3882078 alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at wecare@landasecuritygroup.co.uk

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