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No matter the type of business you operate, in order to guarantee public and building safety, the hiring of reliable security guards will help to make everything run as smoothly as possible. No matter if you operate a commercial, retail or residential space, the presence of security officers will give everyone the peace of mind in knowing that they’re able to go about their day without worrying about their security and safety.

Why Would I Need Security Guards?

Static security officers protect the premises and those who operate in it. Not only are they responsible for protecting the premises from theft, vandalism and avoiding water and fire damage, but they also control access by any visitors that may need entry to your property. Therefore, with so much protect, this is why static on-site security have become an integral part of the management of a site. Being in a position of authority and responsibility, security guards are able to keep the pressure away from an already-busy business in worrying about the safety and security of their property.

Security staff can also act as a reassuring presence at your premises too – not only for your staff but also for any clients/customers/visitors who may be on-site also. A security officer can look after the public entry points in their roles of controlling access to your property, which obviously means a lot of interaction with the public. This may see them in a position to offer advice, such as directions or information on how to get around the building. Quite simply, hiring reliable, personable security guards says to the wider public that your operation is one that is secure and client-oriented.

Reliable, Reassuring Security Officers, From L&A Security Group.

Here at L&A Security Group, our highly-trained, professional security guards are able to guarantee a safe and secure reassurance at any type of premises. The environment created as a result of the presence of our staff will help your clients and/or staff to retain a favourable impression of your operation, further helping to boost their enjoyment of their surroundings and gain you a positive reputation. Our ethos is simple: we always put you, your clients and your business first.

Our SIA-qualified security officers are available on short or long-term contracts and can be deployed on your site within 4 hours, no matter the requirements of the business. Our operations staff are able to carefully select specific security guards, with the individual attributes to best serve your requirements. Not only that – but site-specific training is also carried out, prior to the commencement of any project. Our security staff are then able to work closely with you, retain an understanding of your business and your expectations, becoming part of the team and setting the perfect on-site atmosphere.

It’s this complete, fast-response, flexible, secure service that has made us one of the leaders in providing security staff in the South East.

Security Staff and Officers from L&A Security Group

A Knowledgeable and Expert Security Service.

Unsure on the number of security guards you’ll need? No problem – discuss your requirements with us and from this information, we can create a plan that will see only the correct amount of security staff deployed to man your premises. Not only will this make good use of our staff but it’ll also help to keep your budget costs down too. A cost-effective service, one that combines the right level of service with low cost is quite simply, the best service to receive. If you’re interested in learning more, why not get in contact with us today?

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