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If you own or run a public house, bar, nightclub, restaurant, casino or any other social establishment that requires door security in order to ensure public safety and/or meet local licensing requirements, then the need of reliable, friendly door supervisors is vital.

With issues such as anti-social behaviour causing problems for local venues and the communities in which they’re located, highly skilled SIA-licensed door staff are able to protect the patrons, staff and property alike. By upholding an environment that is safe and secure, this will help to create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone present on the property, further boosting the reputation of the business.

The Benefits of Door Supervisors.

As the first point-of-contact that visitors will have with the business, door staff must be highly personable and able to present themselves, the venue and the business in the best possible light. Not only that, of course, but they must always be aware of any security issues that would concern the safety of the business, its staff and its customers.

Generally, the duties that door supervisors undertake include:

  • Managing entry into the premises, including checking for identification and being aware of related government legislation.
  • Performing body and bag searches.
  • Preventing unwanted patrons from gaining entry.
  • Monitoring activity inside and outside the venue and dealing with any incidents.
  • Liaising with venue management, local police and other authorities if required.

With many local councils insisting that certain venues need to provide private security to curb any potential threats as part of their licensing commitments, hiring door supervisors is an absolute must. If you do indeed own or manage a venue that is looking for reliable security, you shouldn’t just settle for the nearest and cheapest option just to meet your requirements. As we’ve established, having a good door supervisor outside of your property has a major impact on the running of your business.

Door Staff from L&A Security Group

Here at L&A Security Group, we understand how it’s important, not only for you to ensure the safety of your patrons and staff but we also understand the need to be able to set that good first impression whenever anyone walks through your doors. This is why our door supervisors are perfect – highly-trained, friendly and smart in appearance, they also understand the need to represent your business in the best, most positive way.

All of our door staff are SIA-certified and are trained in not only conflict management but also customer service, first aid and general security. This will no doubt provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your venue will be under the watchful gaze of a professional who will know exactly how to react in any given situation.

No matter the type of venue, or your requirements, we can assure you that we are able to meet any requests you may have. No matter the level of security you require – from one door supervisor to a whole team to look after a large site, we are able to offer you a tailored management solution. It’s this versatility, as well as our experience that has seen us grow a great reputation amongst owners and operators of pubs, bars, nightclubs and other public establishments throughout the South East. Why not get in contact with us today to learn more?

Protect Your Property With Our High-Skilled, Experienced Door Staff.

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