5 Christmas Security Tips For Retail Businesses

Many people enjoy shopping during the weeks before and after Christmas. However, the holiday season can provide lots of security challenges for retailers, but don’t worry L can provide professional security services in Hampshire. If you’re interested and would like to learn more, you can contact our friendly and talented team of security professionals by giving us a call on, 01256 536667.

5 Christmas Security Tips For Retail Businesses

Christmas shopping can be a busy time for retail businesses, so if you’re searching for some advice regarding Christmas security for retail businesses, here is a list of 5 tips to give you a helping hand.

  • Combat Potential Shoplifters With Customer Service.
    Some businesses are concerned about getting the balance between theft deterrence and intruding on customer’s privacy. After all, you want to implement security policies to try and prevent products from being stolen, but don’t want to be intrusive and make customers feel uncomfortable.As such, one retail security tip for the holiday season is to provide customers with fantastic customer service. At first some might be confused as to how customer service could work as a theft deterrence, however, you could position a member of staff next to a security guard at the store entrance to greet shoppers as they enter. This could make legitimate shoppers feel welcome in your store, additionally the presence of the nearby security guard might also provide them with a feeling of security whilst shopping. However, for this could potentially discourage a would-be-thief from shoplifting as they would be aware that both staff and security guards are aware of their presence in the store.
  • Position Products Strategically With Security In Mind.
    CCTV is a very important part of a retail security solution. However, it is important that you make the most out of your CCTV system.For example, you could place products of high value that are on display in view of CCTV cameras. This way your customers can navigate your store without being disturbed by employees, however the presence of CCTV cameras close to high value items could act as deterrence for would-be-thieves.

    However, if you are very concerned about potential shoplifting with regards to high value items, you could replace the items on the store floor with tickets that customer can redeem at the counter. This also means that members of staff only have to be vigilant towards to the display item, allowing them to focus their attention on other duties.

  • Make Sure You Have Staff Near Changing Rooms/Fitting Rooms.
    Some people choose to shoplift items by using a retail business’ changing rooms / fitting rooms. Some use the privacy of the room to switch price labels or hide items. As such, it is important that you make sure that there are enough employees to keep these changing areas running smoothly. Not only can staff assist your customers by collecting clothes that customers don’t want to purchase, but they can also be vigilant and inform security officers about any potential shoplifters.
  • Implement Crowd Management Strategies.
    If you’re expecting a large amount of customers to visit your store, you might be interested in implementing some crowd management strategies. For example, you could use a staggered entry strategy to prevent your retail store from being overcrowded.A staggered entry strategy could be very useful for businesses that are offering large discounts on Boxing Day and are expecting lots of customers to arrive when the store opens. Also, in addition to reducing the chance that your store will become overcrowded, by limiting the amount of customers who enter your store to a reasonable number, it may be easier for staff to stay vigilant with regards to potential shoplifters.
  • Don’t Forget About Security Outside Of Opening Hours.
    Remember, security threats to your business are not limited to the hours that your business is open to the public. Some business close for certain days over the Christmas celebrations and as such it is important your security solution takes this into account.Some businesses may benefit from an around the clock security solution. Perhaps this includes alarm systems and CCTV. There are numerous advantages to choosing a security solution that includes professional CCTV security services from L. For example, a CCTV system could act as a power deterrent, however if a crime does occur, a CCTV security system could record the crime and as such the visual evidence could be useful for a police investigation.

Professional Security Services In Hampshire From L

Choosing to protect your business with professional security services in Hampshire is a fantastic way to not only provide a security solution for public and building safety, but it can also help your business to run smoothly.

Security officers from L protect both the premises and the people in a specific location, for example a retail business. Also, in addition to providing a security service to protect the premises from theft, vandalism, and water and fire damage, they can also control access to your property.

Security guards from L can provide directions, advice, or information regarding how to move around the building. As such, they could be a very valuable and reliable asset to your business.

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