The Need For Effective Security Guards In Basingstoke

By now, the Christmas shopping season is well into the swing of things; people up-and-down the country will be packing out high streets in search of gifts, probably right up until Christmas Eve! Stores being packed full of customers is obviously great – it offers a better likelihood that sales and profits will increase. However, with a larger number of visitors entering the store, security concerns naturally emerge – nobody can know the intentions of everyone who enters a store.

This is precisely why security guards in Basingstoke should be an option if you run any type of commercial, retail or residential space in the local area.

The Role Of Professional Security Guards In Basingstoke

When we think about retail security, our thoughts may immediately go towards CCTV cameras or security tagging; both work as a deterrent and of course, as an evidence-recording/tracking solution. Whilst these devices play an invaluable role in our modern day security, building owners shouldn’t rely on this alone – after all, if anyone is stealing from or causing a disturbance in-or-around the premises, once seen, they will need to be apprehended. This is how professional security guards in Basingstoke can help.

Here, we’re going to look at the effects that a security guard can have on your business, summing up their role in ensuring that you are able to protect your stock, staff, customers and profits.

  • Constant theft will have a massive effect on profits. One of the largest loss areas in many public-dealing businesses is theft. According to the British Retail Consortium, in 2015 alone, retail crime cost the industry over £600m in lost profits. With many a business already running on fine margins, theft could even prove to be the weight that tips the balance of it staying afloat, or not. The trouble is that once stolen from, word will naturally get around about the security of the store – if you don’t employ sufficient methods (combining CCTV AND security guards) then more people may chance their arm at stealing from your store.
  • A security guard will make your store less of a target. Anyone with designs on stealing, especially nowadays, will be looking at the security set-up of the store they’re planning to steal from. Whilst CCTV and security tags are great for monitoring and offering a deterrent, if there is no physical security presence preventing their escape, they might go through with the theft regardless. The visible presence of security guards in Basingstoke will help to provide the ultimate deterrent, as knowing they’re likely to be apprehended, the potential thief may stand down from their intentions. Even if they do go through with it – you’ll have a line of defence in place to prevent them from making off with your valuable stock.
  • Protection for staff and customers. If in the event, anyone in your store is abusive, or even violent towards your staff and customers, a security guard can immediately intervene and diffuse the situation. Without one, a call to the police may take some time for them to get to your store, whereas security can get there instantaneously. Having professional security experts working on your premises will also help staff to feel safe in going about their roles.
  • Visible security can improve the in-store atmosphere for customers. Think about it, would you like to shop somewhere that has a reputation of ‘being easy to steal from’? Somewhere without any security measures in place, that requires the shop staff to look out for incidents instead – so therefore not where they should be, assisting customers? A security guard is trained in customer service and as the first point of contact that customers may have in your store, they can help to offer that reassuring presence, even assisting them with directions etc. These are all elements that will improve the reputation of your store.
  • Security guards are aware of the law. The difference between an industry-trained security guard and someone who isn’t, is that the training includes the understanding of laws and protocols when it comes to apprehending any suspected thief. The last thing your business needs is litigation to be brought against it by anyone who may have been apprehended illegally.
  • Full-store coverage. Thieves don’t always strike during the day; they can attempt to break-in at night and make off with your stock. Hiring security guards in Basingstoke to look after particularly vulnerable points of the store at night will help to deter any ideas anyone may have of stealing from you at night.
  • Thieves aren’t always from the outside. We’d like to trust everyone, sadly the reality is very different. Staff theft is very common, especially during busy seasons such as Christmas, which require seasonal staff to come in to assist. An independent security guard’s duty is to ensure the safety and security of the store, on behalf of their employers and the premises they’ve been assigned to protect. Therefore, not directly being an employee of the business, you can feel rest assured that they will provide a deterrent to any employees with designs on stealing.

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Here at Ls Security, we are a knowledgeable and expert security providers that have offered all manner of business operations the services of our highly trained and personable security guards in Basingstoke for many years now. The Christmas period is the perfect time to understand the need for a security solution for the future – so if you’re looking to protect your store, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

If you’re unsure on the number of security guards you’ll need, we can discuss your requirements and from this information, we can put in place an effective plan that will provide the correct coverage of your premises.

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