5 Types Of Businesses That Could Utilise Security Services

Numerous different types of businesses can benefit from a professional security solution and the talented team of security professionals at L can provide a wide variety of different security services. Some of which include stewards, CCTV, and security guarding in Basingstoke.

5 Types Of Businesses That Could Utilise Security Services

  1. Retail Businesses.
    There are numerous security services that a retail business could utilise. Firstly, they could install CCTV cameras in their retail premises. Indeed retail security solutions such as CCTV cameras could act as a deterrent. However, should an incident be recorded on the CCTV camera; the visual evidence contained in the recording could be very useful for a police investigation.Remember, security threats to your business’ premises are not limited to the hours that your business is open to the public. As such, whilst a security solution during your business’ opening hours is very important, it is also important that you do not forget about security services outside of your opening hours. You could utilise services such as a professional keyholding service, a service for security guarding in Basingstoke, or a variety of other security services.


  2. Live Music Venues.
    Venues hosting live music events could utilise numerous security services. This includes both indoor venues hosting a music event such as a band performing a set as a part of their UK tour, and also large outdoor festivals with guests camping on-site.A live music venue could utilise a security solution that includes services such as security guards to greet individuals as they enter the venue and search people when it is appropriate to do so. Additionally security staff could also be utilised to guard areas which are off limits, checking tickets and only granting entrance to those with the authorisation to do so.

    Also, live music venues could utilise a professional security service that includes the use of stewards. Indeed stewards can be very useful with regards to crowd management and they can deal with incidents of anti-social behaviour in a professional manner.

    If you would like to read more regarding security at live music events, you could read our blog titled, “6 Security Tips For Music Festivals And Music Events”.

  3. Sports Venues.
    If you are hosting a sporting event, security is very important. Indeed, you need to make sure that you have a professional team of security experts that you can trust. L has experience with regards to providing security services for sporting events. One such example is when we provided a security service for Basingstoke Mixed Hockey Festival.Our team provided a full risk assessment prior to the event and also assisted with other non-security duties. Indeed the client wrote the following regarding the services provided by L.
    “L staff were extremely friendly and helpful. It seemed like they were hand picked for us, they catered to our every need.”
  4. Tourism Attractions.
    Security services are very important for a wide variety of businesses and organisations. This is indeed true for businesses and organisations such as the Winchester Science Centre.When Winchester Science Centre was searching for a security company who would greet their customers and provide car park assistants, they approached L. Our team not only provided expert advice, but also provided a service for security stewards who provided both an excellent security service, and also excellent customer care.


  5. Office Buildings.
    Indeed numerous different types of businesses can utilise security services from a professional security business. An office building could utilise a security guard service to provide SIA-qualified security guards in Basingstoke, or perhaps a business could utilise a security solution that includes a professional keyholding service.Indeed a keyholding service could be very useful for a wide variety of different businesses including those located in office buildings. A keyholding service means that in the event of an alarm being triggered whilst you are away from your premises, a team of trained security professionals will be able to respond to the issue in an appropriate manner. Additionally, a keyholding service could prevent you from being distracted by false alarms.

    If you would like more information regarding the advantages of a professional keyholding service, you could learn more by reading our blog titled “What Is Keyholding?”. This blog discusses things such as the advantages of a keyholding service opposed to nominating an employee as a keyholder, and other advantages such as peace of mind whilst you’re away on holiday.

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Our team of friendly and talented security professionals don’t see you as ‘just another client’. We use our unique knowledge to provide a professional client-focused service specifically designed to meet the requirements of your business.

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