Which Security Service Is Right For Your Business?

L can provide a wide variety of professional security services in Hampshire. So which service is the most appropriate and best suited to your business and your business’ needs?

L. Professional Security Services In Hampshire

Every business is different and as such your security needs will also be different. Many find that it can be very beneficial to consult the advice and services of a professional security business that is skilled in numerous different security aspects.

L can provide numerous professional security services ranging from keyholding to event stewards. However, we understand that this diverse range of security services may appear confusing to some businesses. Indeed, many professionals may be confused and thinking, “What security service should I choose?”. So to give you a helping hand, here is a quick guide to help you understand the services that are available from the team of security professionals at L.

Which Security Service Is Right For Your Business?

  • Professional Keyholding Services
    Keyholding services are very useful for businesses that cannot be constantly present on their premises. Indeed, by utilising a professional keyholding service, if there is an alarm at your business’ premises, you can relax and enjoy peace of mind in knowledge that professional security personnel are responding to the alarm.If you choose to nominate an employee as a keyholder, instead of choosing a professional keyholding service from a keyholding company or security business (such as L), you will have a legal responsibility to make sure that the employee who is nominated has a sufficient level of training. This includes training in order to deal with risks that they may encounter in their role as a keyholder. However, by choosing a professional keyholding service from L, you can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that trained security professionals will be carrying out the keyholding duties. Additionally, if there is a serious incident, our trained staff will be able to respond to the issue in an appropriate manner.

    If you would like to read more information about keyholding in Reading and the advantages of a keyholding service from L, please read our blog titled, “What Is Keyholding”.
  • Mobile Patrol
    If you’re searching for a visual and physical deterrent in order to remove unauthorised people from your site and deter criminal activities such as theft, consider a mobile patrol security service. A mobile patrol from L will include both internal and external patrol routes, which will be carried out randomly; preventing unwanted visitors from identifying a pattern of patrols.With regards to mobile patrol security services, it is very important that you utilise a security solution from a business that has expertly trained staff who are highly vetted. In addition to threats such as criminal activity, our mobile patrols will also alert our licensed officers to other threats regarding fire, flood, or other incidents which may cause damage.


  • Door Supervisors
    For social establishment businesses such as public houses, bars, and restaurants, door security is an essential part of your business activities. Door security services from L can provide your business with a reliable solution to ensure public safety and meet local licensing requirements.Indeed, door supervisors can help to create a safe and secure environment, assisting in the creation of an enjoyable atmosphere for all those present. Additionally, as a first point-of-contact, door staff can greet guests, perform ID checks, and prevent unwanted patrons from gaining entry.

    So if you’re searching for a door supervisor in Basingstoke, speak to the L team. We can provide highly skilled SIA-Licensed door staff who are able to protect members of the public, staff, and property.


  • Security Guarding
    A professional security guard service is sometimes referred to as a manned guarding service. This service is ideal for a variety of different businesses. Indeed professional security guards can act as a powerful deterrent, whilst also providing your customers/guests which a reassuring presence as they know that a trained security officer is on-site to respond to any criminal activity.L can provide your business with a professional service for manned guarding in Basingstoke. Our professional security guards can also provide friendly advice to your customers/guests, assisting them with directions and providing information regarding the most efficient ways to move throughout your premises. Simply put, if you choose a professional manned guarding service from L, we will put you, your clients, and your business first.


  • CCTV
    L’s professional service for temporary CCTV in Hampshire is a fantastic security solution for those who need temporary security services in Hampshire.Our temporary CCTV services are great security solutions to both deter criminal activity and assist in crime solving, as if a crime does occur and it is captured by a CCTV camera, the footage could provide visual evidence of a crime; which could be very useful for a police investigation.


  • Stewards
    Event stewards can fill a vast array of roles including but not limited to providing guests with a reassuring presence, managing entry into an event, dealing with any incidents of anti-social behaviour, and performing searches when appropriate.Indeed, an event steward can be a fantastic part of your business’ security solution. The exact number of stewards necessary for your event will depend on numerous different factors. So if you would like to learn additional information regarding event stewards and the reasons why you need stewarding at your event, please read our blog titled “5 Reasons Why You Need Event Stewards For Your Summer Event”.

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