The increased need for Retail Security with in store thefts on the rise

As if we didn’t think the sad British High Street didn’t have enough problems, with independent stores and beloved national institutions closing their doors and empty, derelict shop spaces filling the high street, what else can it endure?

With reports that theft in stores is on the rise, it is time we took back some control on our precious high street and increase retail security.

In-store theft is not just financially a blow for the retailer but increasingly we are seeing verbal and physical violence aimed at employees who try to intervene. Surveillance is of great importance here and viable evidence and secure, professional security needs to take the place of potential confrontational encounters.

Sticky-fingered customers and dishonest employees alike need to be aware of in place security and the operation of it throughout the stores. Implementing a security system through a company that is honest and reliable is the key to providing a safe environment for staff and shoppers.

Whether the unintentional “the item didn’t scan at the self-check out” or a premeditated “shoplifting spree” this epidemic needs to be professionally surveyed and controlled.

The need for increasing security in stores has now become a necessity.

This is the time where we should be working together to keep stores afloat, not turning on them.

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