4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Keyholding In Reading Service

Whenever you’re away from the home or business, you should be able to leave it for any amount of time, safe in the knowledge that your property will be protected. Sadly, this isn’t always the case – the worry of theft and/or criminal damage is very real for some and it’s because of this threat, that many people don’t leave their properties unattended for a long period of time.

We shouldn’t let the potential of crime put us off – we should be able to go about our lives without this undue worry. This is why many people turn to keyholding in Reading to give them the peace of mind that they’re able to leave their property and it will be safe in their absence.

Keyholding – What Is It? How Can Keyholding In Reading Help Me?

As per the name, a keyholding company looks after the property that they have been tasked with protecting. A set of keys will be taken, logged and then sealed in a secure compartment – only being used in the event of an emergency. The keyholders will undertake regular checks of the property and instantly respond to any alarms that may have been activated – saving the owner from doing it themselves.

Speaking of business owners, many employ a keyholding company to purely perform as fast-responders to any alarm calls. With the majority of calls being false, they won’t be affecting the owner in any way; helping the owner to concentrate on their other busy tasks. Of course, there are times when these alarm calls are genuine and when such incidents happen, a professional security team will be better-placed to handle the situation.

It’s because of this – and not to mention the regulations in place, regarding health and safety and insurance – that more business owners than ever are turning to a keyholding in Reading to help them to meet their obligations and to secure their properties.

Reasons Why You Should Use A Keyholding Service.

Many home and business owners will nominate an individual to be their keyholder. Whilst it’s always a great idea to place your trust in someone you know, there are a number of benefits that a company that deals in keyholding has, over the individual.

With this in mind, here are four reasons why you should be using a keyholding in Reading service:

  1. Constantly Available – An individual may offer to look after your property and check in on it every so often but being constantly busy going about their own lives, it’s unlikely that they will be in a position to respond all of the time. A keyholding company is solely dedicated to protecting the properties that it’s been assigned and is able to respond to any incidents 24/7.
  2. Easily Reachable – On a similar theme, an individual isn’t always reachable all of time, so how are you going to contact them the moment you need them? Perhaps more importantly – how are they going to contact you in the event of an emergency? With a professional security company on hand 24/7, there will be no worry about your point of contact being unavailable when you need them.
  3. Quick Response – Any security incident can happen extremely quickly. An intruder can literally sweep around your property and be out with valuable items in a matter of minutes. Being based locally, a service that deals in keyholding in Reading can respond right away, dealing with any incidents, securing the site and liaising with the authorities if required.
  4. Knowledge of Security Procedures – Perhaps the major benefit of hiring a keyholder over an individual, is that they are trained in every possible aspect that could possibly emerge at your property. Whether it’s the need to hold an intruder as the police arrive, understanding when a site is safe to enter – and knowing when an alarm call is a false one – these are factors that security professionals train for.

Nominating Employees As Keyholders.

If you’re a business who is looking to protect its property by assigning one of your employees to be the keyholder, then you have a legal responsibility to ensure that they receive sufficient training and that they are able to deal with any risks or safety issues that they may come into contact with. It’s for this reason that many companies instead choose to go with professional keyholding in Reading – something you too should consider.

Secure Keyholding in the South East, From Ls Security.

Here at Ls Security, we are a vastly experienced security company who already carry out keyholding in Reading for a varying range of clients. Based from our HQ in Basingstoke, we are ideally located to offer our fast-response security services across Hampshire and Berkshire, as well as South London and Surrey.

Our experience is key – having been involved in the security industry for over 2 decades, our unique knowledge and client-focused service is able to be honed specifically to your requirements in order to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Contact Ls For Keyholding in Basingstoke Today.

If you would like to know more about how our keyholding in Reading service can help you to secure your premises, why not get in touch with us today? Our friendly expert security team are waiting to take your call on 01256 536667. You can also send us an e-mail at wecare@Lssec.co.uk.

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