Retail Security Checklist!

Numerous different businesses can benefit from professional security solutions in Hampshire, for example retail establishments.

So, if you’re searching for ways that your retail business could combat theft, perhaps this retail security checklist could include some security suggestions that you had not previously considered.

Retail Security Checklist!

  • Install CCTV Cameras.
    CCTV is a fantastic security system for retail businesses. With strategically placed CCTV cameras and signs, you could not only create a fantastic deterrent, but in the unfortunate event of theft, if a CCTV camera records the theft taking place, this could potentially be used as evidence.However, with regards to CCTV it is important that you carefully consider where you are going to place the cameras and how many cameras you are going to use as some individuals do not feel comfortable being filmed by CCTV cameras. As such, in order to get the balance right and design a security solution that meets your security needs without making your customers feel uncomfortable, consider speaking to a professional security business and enquire about their services for retail security solutions.
  • Include Height Markers In Your Store.
    This can be a very useful tool in the event that a theft takes place.Height markers can be placed in areas which are visible by CCTV cameras or in the general view of employees (for example in view of the store counter). Simply install an object of a known height, for example a poster on the wall where the top of the frame is 6ft from the ground. This way, if an individual is caught stealing on CCTV and they walk past this poster; you will be able to estimate the height of the individual.
  • Utilise Mirrors Effectively.
    With regards to security solutions in retail businesses, it is very important that you minimise the amount of blind spots that exist in your store. In an ideal world, your retail store would have zero blind spots, however if upon inspection your discover areas of your store that are difficult to see, perhaps you could utilise mirrors to enable your employees or security staff to have vision of these areas.
  • Consider A Hiring A Security Guard.
    For some businesses a full time security guard is an essential part of the workforce. In addition to providing a deterrent to would-be-shoplifters, a security guard can also act as a reassuring presence for your loyal customers as they can be greeted by a professional security officer.Indeed, some people may feel more comfortable shopping in a store that has a professional security guard, as that guard will be able to swiftly respond to any criminal activity taking place in the store.
  • Don’t Forget About Out Of Hours Security.
    It is very important to remember that criminal activity is not restricted to your business’ opening hours. It is possible that an individual could break into your premises and steal items from your retail business whilst your store is closed.As such, it is very important that you consider a security solution for the hours in which your business is closed. For example, you could utilise a keyholding service from the L team.

    If you choose a professional keyholding service from L, our team are on call 24/7 to react to any issues that may arise in or around your property. Our team will respond to any alarm on your premises. Additionally, our security guards are able to liaise with the appropriate emergency or utility services and will remain there until the premises are secure and the issues have been resolved.

    Also, should you choose to protect your premises with a keyholding service from the L team, you can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your keys and alarm codes are stored securely in a manner that abides by the British Standard directive, BS-7984.

  • Don’t Forget About Employee Theft.
    Unfortunately, retail businesses must be vigilant of both shoplifters entering their store and stealing their products, and also maintain vigilance with regards to their employees as well.Indeed, employee theft can be a serious issue for some businesses. As such, it is very important that your security solution both considers potential risks from both members of the public and members of your staff. This could include numerous different security solutions such as professional security guarding, CCTV cameras, or a variety of other services.
  • Consult A Security Professional.
    Creating a security solution for your business can be a confusing and time consuming task. As such, many businesses find it very beneficial to consult the advice and assistance of a security professional or a professional security business.

    With a professional security business, you can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your retail business’ security needs are being met by a team of trained security guards. For example, with L, our SIA-qualified security guards can be deployed on your site within 4 hours!

Professional Security Solutions In Hampshire From The L Team.

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