5 Advantages Of Manned Guarding Security Services

The talented team of security professionals at L can provide a wide variety of security services for your business’ security solution. For example, we can provide a professional service for manned guarding in Basingstoke.

5 Advantages Of Manned Guarding Security Services!

There are numerous different security services that your business could utilise in their security solution, for example manned guarding.

However, if you are unsure if manned guarding would be a useful addition to your business’ security, here are five advantages of a security solution that includes a manned guarding service.

  1. Security Guards Can Act As A Powerful Deterrent.
    If you compare a security guard to a CCTV camera, a security guard could potentially act as a stronger deterrent to a camera. For example, the camera may have a blind spot that the individual could exploit.Also with regards to security guards, in addition to being able to respond in a swift manner to any issues of theft currently taking place, their training could enable them to recognise potentially troublesome situations and take the appropriate action to de-escalate the situation.

    Indeed, whilst a CCTV camera could potentially assist in the apprehension of thieves (if the camera records the theft taking place), a professional security guard could not only act as a deterrent, but in the event that a theft takes place, a security guard would be on-site to take the appropriate action. This could potentially reduce the chances of your business suffering losses due to theft.

  2. Trained Guards Can Respond To A Variety Of Different Issues.
    Security services such as CCTV can be fantastic tools for security with regards to theft. However, trained security guards can respond to a wide variety of different issues.For example, a security guard can respond to issues such as fire damage or water damage. Additionally, a CCTV camera might only be able to record visual images, however if you have an on-site security guard, they might be able to respond to suspicious noises such as the sound of breaking glass.

    Security guards can also help to prevent individuals from accessing your premises without authorisation. People seek unauthorised entry into business premises for numerous reasons, for example to steal valuables or to vandalise property. However, with a security guard; it could be significantly more difficult for unauthorised individuals to enter your business’ premises, helping to protect your business from theft, damage, and other illegal activities.

  3. Security Guards Can Provide A Reassuring Presence To Guests/Customers.
    Some individuals may feel uncomfortable in an area with lots of CCTV cameras, however if your guest/customer is greeted by a friendly security officer, they could feel more comfortable visiting your business’ premises.Indeed, the knowledge that a professional security officer is on-site to respond to any criminal activity could provide a reassuring presence to both guests and customers. Additionally, the friendly security guards from L will be able to provide advice to guests/customers visiting your premises, providing them with directions and information regarding the most efficient way to move about the building. At L our ethos is simple; we always put you, your clients, and your business first.
  4. Allows Employees To Focus On Their Tasks.
    Indeed, it isn’t just customers and guests who might feel reassured with the presence of a trained security guard. With a L security officer on-site, your staff can focus on their tasks and relax in the knowledge that reliable and reassuring security officers from L are on-site in the event that theft or other criminal activity takes place.Also, if you choose to hire security guards from L using our professional service for manned guarding in Basingstoke, our security guards will be specifically selected for your business. This takes into account each staff member’s individual attributes in order to best meet your business’ security requirements.

    Additionally, site-specific training is carried out prior to the commencement of any project so that our members of staff are able to work closely with your business, becoming a part of the team.

  5. Provides You With Peace Of Mind.
    A professional service for manned guarding in Basingstoke can provide businesses with peace of mind with regards to safety and security. Indeed, whilst many security systems can record theft that has taken place, or alert you to theft that is currently occurring, a professional security guard can use their skills and training to act as a deterrence, whilst also assisting in other issues such as protecting the property from vandalism, or avoiding fire or water damage.Additionally, with security guards from L, you can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your business’ security needs are being met by a team of profession security staff; this includes SIA-qualified security guards.

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