5 Reasons Why You Need Event Stewards For Your Summer Event

Police, Cop, Police Uniforms, Police Uniform, GuardAs we’re into the early throes of spring, basking in an increased amount of sunlight, thoughts will naturally go towards the summer and the many events that will take place. Whether it’s concerts, festivals or shows, there are many things to see and do in the summer, all around the country.

For event organisers, any sizeable crowd must be able to guarantee the presence of trained event stewards. Without one, the safety of your attendees may be compromised – for certain events, it may actually be legally required for you to do so. In this blog, we’re going to let you know the roles that stewards are able to fill – and also give you 5 great reasons why you need them.

What Do Event Stewards Do?

One of the great things about hiring event stewards is that they can fill a vast array of roles. Whether it’s to offer a reassuring, personable presence, managing entry into the event, undertaking searches, dealing with anti-social behaviour, liaising with event management and local authorities or simply general crowd control, hiring a group of stewards will help your event to go ahead as planned and in the safety that everyone should expect.

Of course, the exact number of stewards that you’ll need for your particular event will depend on a number of factors; from the number of people attending, the type of the event, the size of the venue or the regulations set by the local authority and so much more. This is precisely why you should always consider hiring a professional company to look after your event’s security.

Why You Need Stewarding At Your Event

  • Allow Things To Run Smoothly – Organising an event can be stressful, worries about every single aspect can build up and boil over, so it makes total sense to delegate different tasks to people adept at carrying them out. With security being such a vital aspect of your event running smoothly, a professional security company can ensure that everything will run to the letter, in a safe and legally-compliant manner – no doubt helping to take away a huge pressure point of organising the event!


  • Produce Risk Assessments To Identify Risk Areas and Number of Stewards Needed – Any competent professional security company will carry out a full risk assessment of the event venue prior, in order to ascertain areas that may prove a risk to health and safety and to establish exactly how many stewards are required to manage the expected crowd. This strategy will help to make the event run smoothly and prevent any potential risks from developing.


  • Stewarding: Helping The Event To Feel Safer and More Enjoyable – Aside from offering security to the crowd and the venue itself, another fantastic reason to hire event stewards is that their presence will offer reassurance and assistance to any attendees who may need it. Being personable is vital – the stewards are more often than not, the first face of the event for the attendees, so the need for them to be professional and competent is of the utmost importance. These are qualities that a professional security company look for in their security staff.


  • Looking After ‘Everyone’ – It’s likely that if you’re searching for a security company to provide stewarding services, that you’ll be employing other external services such as catering, prop hire, building/electrical contractors etc. A great security team are able to check that everyone who gains access to the site are actually meant to be there.


  • Guarding Against Bad Intentions – Unfortunately, a sad fact of life is that not everyone who will be attending the same event (especially if it’s a relatively large one) will have the same idea of what constitutes as a ‘good time’ as you and the majority of your attendees do. Whether it’s anti-social behaviour, such as vandalism, drunkenness, drugs and general aggressive conduct, event stewards can quickly intervene and sort the situation out.


Why Choose Ls Security For Manned Guarding Services?

If you’re indeed searching for a manned guarding service to supply you with highly-trained, experienced SIA event stewards, then you’ve found the right place here at Ls Security. No matter your location across the South East of England – whether your event is taking place in London, Hampshire, Berkshire or Surrey, then we are able to supply a plentiful number of security staff to help it to run smoothly, offering assurance to your attendees and helping to create a safe and secure atmosphere.

We have a vast experience of supplying stewards for a wide range of different events, all with their unique requirements – from small, local concerts, to large, well-known events, such as the Reading Festival, Royal Ascot, London Carnivals and so much more. We have a database of experienced staff who are adept at performing a wide variety of roles – from stewards and supervisors to managers and control room staff, right through to site and area managers. No matter your requirements, you can feel rest assured that we are able to fill them.

The roles that our staff can cover include:

  • SIA-badged security guards.
  • Vehicle and pedestrian stewarding.
  • Campsite stewards.
  • Arena/Event entry and exit gate stewarding.
  • Volunteer management and recruitment.

So whether you’re hosting an outdoor festival or concert, a party event, a conference, or even a large scale wedding, you can feel rest assured that our event stewards can help. Why not get in touch with us today to learn more?

Need More Information? Contact Ls Security Today

If you would like further information on our event stewards service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly security team today. Give us a call on 01256 799997 or send us an e-mail at wecare@Lssec.co.uk.

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