6 Security Tips For Music Festivals And Music Events

Many music festivals have announced their 2018 line ups and lots of people are excited to purchase tickets. However, with such large crowds it is very important that organisers implement a professional security solution that includes manned guarding.

6 Security Tips For Music Festivals And Music Events

  • Deploy Security Guards To Greet Guests As They Enter And Perform Searches When Appropriate.
    Before people enter the live music area, it is very important that you search people when it is appropriate to do so. With such a large number of people, it’s possible that some may try to bring drugs or contraband items into the festival. As such, you should have trained security personnel available who can perform searches in a professional manner. In addition to searching individuals for drugs and contraband items, security guards can also perform a valuable role greeting guests as the enter and leave the venue. By greeting guests, it could reassure them that security staff are there if needed. Additionally, a visible security presence at the start of the venue might deter individuals from anti-social behaviour.


  • Have A Strategy To Deal With Anti-Social Behaviour And Violent Individuals.
    In an ideal world all those who attend music festivals would be able to enjoy the music and dance in a safe environment. However, unfortunately no environment is 100% safe and some individuals may become violent during the event. As such, a security strategy to deal with violent individuals is very important. Not only could a strategy help deal with any outbursts of violence, but a visible security presence could help guests feel more comfortable in the knowledge that security staff are present.


  • Utilise Manned Guarding Services To Protect Off-Limits Areas.
    If the event has a backstage area, this would be a fantastic place to position some security guards. They will be able to grant access to those with permission to do so, and restrict entry to those who do not. Additionally, do not forget about security staff in front of the event stages. Some venues do not allow crowd surfing, however some do. Indeed sometimes crowd surfing is used to allow individuals to receive swift medical attention. For example, if a person falls unconscious, members of the crowd can lift the individual up out of the crowd and pass them over to a member of staff who can call for medical attention.


  • Don’t Forget About Mobile Security Staff.
    Static security staff guarding a specific area is indeed important, however it is also important to provide a mobile security presence. One way you could approach this is with a security patrol. Some areas that could benefit from a security patrol could be high traffic areas, areas near the stage, or areas where valuables are kept. A security patrol can keep an eye out for potentially anti-social encounters or any theft activity. Indeed, the presence of a security patrol might act as a deterrent. Additionally, a mobile security presence could provide festival guests with peace of mind.


  • Consider Utilising Temporary CCTV.
    Indeed CCTV and other security strategies can be a deterrent, but unfortunately no solution is 100% effective and sadly crimes do occur. However, if you choose a security solution that includes the use of CCTV, if the camera records the crime taking place, the footage could be used as visual evidence of a crime, which could be very useful for a Police investigation.


  • Include Stewards In Your Security Solutions.
    Event stewards are a fantastic part of a festival security solution. They can perform many roles, including but not limited to crowd management, directing traffic, and monitoring specific areas of the event. They could be utilised to deal with anti-social behaviour, or they could be deployed in specific areas such as a VIP area to check tickets, or outside the bar to check identification.

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